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Customizable solutions designed for substance abuse and behavioral health centers

EHR. CRM. Billing. ALUMNI.
Why use multiple systems when you can use one?

We have eliminated the headace of multiple platforms. Our All-In-One system reduces your need to look elsewhere to gather analytics, track leads, and follow your client's journey from admit to alumni. We have designed a feature packed powerhouse to help you get back to helping your client's.

Our user friendly, easy to learn design makes transitioning to our platform a breeze. We have extensive customization possibilities to allow you to control what your center uses for your day to day needs.

Call us today to learn more and get your center's documentation and flow under control.Looking for quality software consulting services in ? Look no further than The Tree !

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  • customizable templates 3.png

    Just starting out? Have new requirments? We have a template for you. Dont stress about all the forms and documentation requirements you need, we can customize and create any form for your center.

  • medication management 1.png

    Log, administer, sign-off and record client’s prescribed and OTC medications all in one easy to use location. (Simple management settings included to refine your use of charting or administering.) Check for refills, audit pill counts, and keep track of medication history records with ease.

  • form builder 2.png

    Easy to use, dynamic, custom Form Builder. You can build, create, edit or duplicate any template or form in minutes. We allow you to take control of your center’s documentation needs.

  • report generator 4.png

    If you collect it, we can report on it. In addition to our standard analytics, we can easily gather any demographics you need to help you center succeed.

  • messaging icon.png

    HIPAA Compliant Chat portal. Create Channels, organize groups, and private message within your organization.

  • alert icon.png

    Customize alerts, message, form triggers, and notifications to reach each person in your organization. We give you the ability to build out custom alerts designed with the rules you create. You have no cap on how many internal alerts you desire.

  • client level of care timeline 10.png

    Your QA log is tied into an advanced alert system that allows you to build instances to define your QA needs. What's an "instance"? Any action that occurs throughout your system by a user or preset length of time can set off an alert, reminder, message or countdown due date. Instantly it trickles into the QA to ensure you are meeting compliance timelines within your charts.

  • toxicology icon.png

    Make the UA process easier. Build out a schedules with ease and easily track your lab requisitions.


Sync Check upon admission. We instantly check for duplicate charts within our system and Collaborate MD to ensure you are not creating a duplicate EHR or Billing Profile for you new/repeat admits. If existing profile is found, the chart is merged and instantly filled out to be up to date from the past stay historical data.

  • billing icon.png

    Integrated with Collaborate MD. Ensuring your billing information flows seamlessly between our systems. Real time numbers and customizable billing interface.

  • customizable templates 3.png

    Keep track of all expenses and not just the insurance side of things. Easily track ancillary expenses and combine them with the patient responsibility. Consolidate all of the invoices into one for easy follow up payments.

  • dual view documentation capabilities 8.png

    The customer will fill in the new copy for descriptions and choose new icons where they want new ones, we just need to build the structure for her.

  • company wide permission settings 11.png

    Easily store mutiple VOB responses.


Easy mass import CSV option to quickly load in your previous alumni for instant access to the alumni platform and app invitation.

  • file uploader 5.png

    The customer will fill in the new copy for descriptions and choose new icons where they want new ones, we just need to build the structure for her.

  • alumni dashboard icon.png

    The customer will fill in the new copy for descriptions and choose new icons where they want new ones, we just need to build the structure for her.

  • messaging icon.png

    Easily chat with Alumni from the Alumni portal directly into their personal "Branch" Alumni App.

  • unnamed copy.png

    Provide your client's with a HIPAA complient aftercare tool. Create custom surveys, track their sobriety, send custom quotes or announcments, internal HIPAA complient chat feature, journal activities and resource library. Your alumni will have access to a quick "help now" link to guide them back to safety if they are in need of your services again.


  • customizable templates 3.png

    Lead Platform to track all incoming leads and their progress through the preadmission process. We transfer all data through every piece of the chart. Admission calls are the start of the client face sheet, financial information, pre-screen, insurance and any other pieces of information you would like to gather. We give you custom options to build out the forms you would like your admission staff to collect prior to admission.

  • crm icon.png

    Report on referral sources and track the incoming leads and conversion rates.

  • form builder 2.png

    Create accounts for referral sources and lead information. Dynamic profile to track notes on facility to stay up to date on your personal relationship with your referral partners. Lead conversion tracking in real time to reflect all historical data on referral contribution to admission.

  • report generator 4.png

    Keep up to date on the Lead progress within your pipeline. Note and Task assignment to easily communicate the needs of specific leads.

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